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No matter what level athlete or fitness enthusiast you are, sports medicine can help you recover from an athletic injury and learn how to prevent the injury from happening again. For your convenience, our fully-equipped orthopedic facilities offer on-site diagnostic imaging, physical therapy, outpatient surgery, and a team of talented sports medicine professionals to help you get back in the game as quickly and safely as possible, whether you're an adult, teen, or child.

Patients receive the latest and most effective diagnostics and treatment available in sports medicine through the use of advanced surgical techniques, many of which were developed by Dr. Alani. Dr. Alani also takes an active role in preventive medicine, educating the patient on avoiding sports and fitness related injuries.

Advances in knee surgery, particularly through arthroscopy, have virtually eliminated in-patient treatment and have significantly reduced recovery time. Patient recovery time has been accelerated in other important ways as well, by emphasizing pre-surgery patient education and reducing post-surgery use of casts, splints, and crutches.

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